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Features: Antiallergic, antibacterial, luminous wool, calming colors
Material: 100% Natural Wool
Weaving: Face to face wilton woven
Color: Grey | Collection: Hattusa 01 Grey
Pile Height: ±4 | Points: 21600 | Total Weight: 1,8 kg/m²
Brand: Yunser

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Material: 100% Natural Wool
Features: Antiallergic, antibacterial, luminous wool, calming colors, large-scale patterns-designs
Weaving: Face to face wilton woven
Sizes: 165×235 (3.87 m²) | 200×290 (5.8 m²)
Collection: Hattusa 01 Grey
Color: Grey
Pile Height: ±4
Total Weight: 1,8 kg/m²
Points: 21600
Brand: Yunser
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Explore “ancient-modern mix ” on Exclusive Rug. This approach adds a unique contrast to any room, with varying textures, shapes and styles.

Depending on your personal taste, there are a range of ancient-inspired carpets to choose from to bring a touch of old-world style to your home. Also, natural bamboo, silk, wool rugs is on an upward trend right now.

One trend gaining popularity is to go back much further and explore aesthetics and principles from ancient civilizations. The result lends a timeless quality to the space. Perhaps not surprisingly, modern design that incorporates ancient elements can often be more environmentally friendly, using more natural materials and leveraging natural sources. While the eco-friendly green movement has gone a long way toward making us reconsider our relationship to the natural environment, the move towards ancient design also encourages us to reconnect with nature. In the past, people spent more time outdoors, and their indoor spaces were more intertwined with the outside world. This is an easy trend to try at home, but it can have a major impact on your mood by helping to create a more relaxing and cheerful environment.

They add unique style to the home with a flair of ancient opulence, while being incredibly useful and beneficial to the people living there. This is especially important because we spend 90% of our time indoors, but the indoor quality is up to four times worse than the outdoor environment.

By incorporating some of these ancient tactile and visual rugs into your home, you’ll amp up your healtly life and make your home a more enjoyable environment for yourself, your family and friends and guests.

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165×235 (3.87 m²), 200×290 (5.8 m²)


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