Material: 62% hand spun silk and 38% rhs wool
Size: 240×300 (7.2 m² – 8×10 ft)
Colors: Fresh Turquoise
Weaving: Hand Knotted

Original price was: € 23.400,00.Current price is: € 18.120,00.


Few artisans possess the expertise and skill necessary to create pieces for the AQNQ collection. Every fiber of wool is scrutinized, sorted, carded, and spun to ensure the absolute finest and softest thread. Lush silk is added to create an undeniably beautiful and painstakingly precise work of hand-crafted art. The softness, brilliance and exquisite refinement in every aspect of the AQNQ collection cannot be overstated: with sixty percent silk content and nearly two hundred knots per square inch, each rug shimmers like a finely cut diamond. Months of meticulous work touched by the hands of hundreds of skilled artisans, culminate in the finest floor coverings that Exclusive Rug offers.

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Delivery Estimates: 7-21 business days. In some cases custom clearance might take longer.

Exclusive Rug AQNQ1459T Wool Silk Rug – Hand-knotted out of silk and wool, the timeless rugs from the Exclusive Rug AQNQ collection feature traditional oriental motifs, patterns, and designs. These rugs with floral motifs in traditional border design, as found in oriental carpets, preserve the design and weaving skills from another era. Available in a spectrum of colours and shades, with pearl-like sheen, inspired from natural gemstones, the Exclusive Rug AQNQ collection will bring life to any space with its beauty and vividness

By incorporating some of these tactile and visual rugs into your home, you’ll amp up your healtly life and make your home a more enjoyable environment for yourself, your family and friends and guests.

Do not brush or scrub the rug.
Only vacuum clean it periodically. Avoid using vacuum beater brush mode
If spills occur, blot immediately. Do not rub the stain.
Rotate occasionally to equalize wear.
Use protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening and piling.
If thread comes out do not pull the yarn, trim with scissor.
Periodic professional cleaning recommended.


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